Defense & Space Applications

Fault Tolerant Control System Processor Redundancy Network Redundancy Hot Standby systems Indigenous development Electro mechanical Steering feedback unit for Underwater Vessel. Rotary converters for battle tanks Fault Tolerant Supervisory Control and Data acquisition system for Thermo vacuum testing of Satellites. Production line ATE for Testing Control Systems. ATE for Endurance Trials of steering Gears for Underwater vessel. MIL 1553communication Based Simulators.

ELiProbeTM Archiver

Emergency Light Built-In Self-Test (ELiProbeā„¢) is a smart device which can enable the maintained or non-maintained luminaires to perform self-tests and report the health condition of each component of the luminaire to a remotely located ELiProbeā„¢ Archiver.

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Building Automation

Porotcon :Gateways for BMS Porotcol Modbus to BACnet & BACnet to Modbus Airy Sense : Networked Sensors Temperature & Humidity Carbon Dioxide CO2 Carbon Monoxide Carpark Smoke Detection system with CO Sensors and web enabled controller-Telemon Energy Monitoring System for Buildings - Telemon Water Consumption monitoring - Telemon BTU (Gas )Monitoring systems - Telemon HVAC AHU Control Units iOTA Networked I/O Modules for HVAC and Lighting control Systems.

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Sunlux Technologies Pvt. Ltd. migrated to Sunlux Technovations Pvt Ltd. w.e.f. 01 Jan 2016

We have migrated from Sunlux Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to Sunlux Technovations Pvt. Ltd with the same Management & Staff, and located at the same Office Address, w.e.f. 01 Jan 2016. All existing Sunlux Technology Projects have been completed as on 31 Dec 2017.
All new Projects w.e.f. 01 Jan 2016 are being executed by Sunlux Technovations Pvt. Ltd. Further, support for all Sunlux Technologies projects would be provided by Sunlux Technovations.

    This website would cease w.e.f. 31 Dec 19. For more information, please visit


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Sunlux offers comprehensive, real-time solutions using hardware and software platforms based on contemporary technologies. Our offering for industries include:

  • Control & Automation
  • Data Acquisition & Monitoring Systems
  • ATE & Simulator Systems
  • Robotics
  • Energy Management
  • Building Management Systems
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Custom

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News and Events

Sunlux ties up with Honeywell Automation India Ltd., as a distributor for Honeywell Advanced Solutions products. These include Alarm Management...

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Sunlux signs up with GE-Intelligent Platforms for selling GE-IP range of defence products and solutions..

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