Our Products and solutions are outcome of our demonstrated and acknowledged technical expertise gained over the years in addressing complex engineering challenges faced by our customers. The key factors that we constantly validate while designing new products and solutions are easy usage, inter-operability and future scalability which go long way in ensuring customers' investment protection.

Some of our products are :

  • Protocon
  • MODBUS Libraries
  • Ruggedized DAS


it is a protocol converter device converting industry standard Modbus protocol to BACnet protocol and vice-versa. The embedded device designed around PC104 architecture and is a very useful device offering connectivity between building automation networks in HVAC, Surveillance to external control and monitoring networks.

  • Is a protocol translator or converter that enables communication between devices supporting dissimilar communication protocols
  • A typical situation is when a Modbus TCP based SCADA System must communicate with a device supporting Modbus RTU.

Protocon offers an attractive solution to this problem:

  • Off-the-shelf solution to device interconnection problem
  • An all aluminum enclosure for use in harsh environment
  • An option for IP65 protection
  • Wide Operating Temperature range
  • Easy configuration using a Windows based utility
  • Embedded Web Server for device health monitoring
  • DIN RAIL clamp for C-Channel and G-Channel mounting
  • Operates out of standard 24V DC or 24V AC supply
  • A front panel with multiple LED's for quick problem diagnosis
  • Maintenance free: Fanless, Ventilation Slotless design

The following libraries are supported in Protocon:

  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • BACnet IP

For other protocol support Contact us.

The following physical interfaces are presently supported:

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet

For other physical interface support Contact us.

MODBUS Libraries

These are implementations of selected protocol sold in the form of either Source Code (C, C++ OR C #) or in some binary form for use in specific operating systems. While the Source Code Libraries are designed to be target independent, the binary format of these libraries are generally sold as Dynamic Link Libraries, ActiveX components, .Net Class Libraries or as a native library of an embedded operating systems (VxWorks,OS9 etc.).

Ruggedized DAS

Our ruggedized data acquisition system is designed to operate in most stringent environmental conditions. The system is based on 19" rack based CPU and I/O cards.

  • CPU type - 32 Bit micro controller
  • Support of OS - Embedded Linux
  • Environmental Specs - Industrial and MIL specs

Honeywell Advanced Solutions

The Advanced Solutions business at HAIL helps its customers achieve continuous top-tier performance. This is made possible through reliable production of on-spec products at optimal cost, emphasis on customer service, satisfaction and flexibility in operations.

These solutions help clients achieve their business goals by improving performance, maximizing the use of assets and thus unifying the complete business. The Advance Solution suite caters to the requirements of industries spanning Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream), Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp, Paper and Printing, Metals and Power.

Some of the products include Unisim for Process Design, Uniformance for Process History Database(PHD), Alarm Manager etc. Contact Sunlux for more details.

GE Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms is a business unit of GE Energy.[2] GE Intelligent Platforms is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, and consists of three units: Control and Communications Systems, Industrial Software, and Military and Aerospace.

Sunlux is a partner to GE-IP in the Military & Aerospace business unit.

GE Intelligent Platforms' industrial automation business is paralleled by operations in the embedded computing industry, where the company's product line was built largely through multiple acquisitions since 2001.

The company offered an extensive line of embedded computer products ranging from embedded boards in multiple form factors, bus architectures, and fabrics, to fully integrated embedded systems available in a range of environmental grades. It served a variety of customers including those involved in communications, government/aerospace, medical, semiconductor, industrial, and military systems. Visit for more information and/or contact Sunlux Technologies.

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